The Mist01

The spaceship Moya, trapped inside a center halo as seen in "the Locket".

A center halo is a dimensional nexus in which all realities and time meets together. There are multiple center haloes in the universe.


Any ship to enter a center halo would immediately become trapped as the halo "hardens" around them, preventing the ship from leaving. The ship also becomes isolated from the normal space-time continuum, thus turning the passengers essentially immortal. 

Time moves much faster inside a center halo as approximately 1 day in the halo equals 55 years outside.


The halo appears as a thick, bright yellow nebula.


  • The center halo originates from the Farscape season 2 episode "the Locket" in which two of the main protagonists are trapped inside the halo for 55 years.
  • Tim is mentally affected by the presence of center haloes due to his mind being connected to the space-time fabric.