Facility Lamda is the home base and main research lab of Tim. 

Technology withinEdit

There exists in the facility, technology that makes Black Mesa, Aperture science and Starfleet look like a middle school science lab.

There exists Temporal manipulators, Nanobot research, temporal inhibitors and so on and so forth.

The base is powered by a quantum singularity. (not a micro singularity, but a full sized stellar mass black hole) Which makes one wonder how he managed to contain one.

The base also contains a paradox machine which maintains it's condition and location regardless of the status of the universe at large. Which has allowed it to survive the apocalypse multiple times.

If one were to look at the interior of the base at his most secret inventions, one would start to highly question his early status as a "Good Scientist". 

Current StatusEdit

Buried in an asteriod in an unexplored section of the galaxy.

Although said region is unexplored for good reason.