Farscape is a science fiction TV series following the adventures of Earth astronaut John Crichton who is sent to the other side of the universe via a wormhole.


The series opens with Crichton testing his Farscape-1 module in space for the first time. During an experiment, Crichton accidentally creates a wormhole and is sent to the other side of the universe to a ship of escaped prisoners, all hunted by a galactic force known as the Peacekeepers. At the end of Season 1, Crichton's brain is discovered to contain a cleverly hidden repository of wormhole knowledge, making him the most hunted man in the universe. This hunt ends in season 3, where Scorpius(the series arch-enemy) steals a copy of the repository and begins devising a wormhole weapon to combat the Scarrans, an enemy of the Peacekeepers. Crichton is eventually able to destroy the research, but due to the Scarran/PK conflict, has to construct a weapon anyway to keep both sides in line out of fear of destruction.

Connections to the RPGEdit

Alterans of Gateworld is highly inspired by Farscape and homage is often paid to it, most notably in center haloes.