The Paradox Machine is a device capable of locking certain paradoxes(like the Grandfather Paradox) in place.

Basically, if one were to go back in time and assasinate one's grandfather, the device would allow them to continue to exist despite the fact they have no past. 

The Cloning FacilityEdit

In order to maintain all of the changes to time caused by Rushy and Tim, the beings from beyond the universe created a paradox machine to keep them existing forever. 

Fob WatchEdit

After the aliens lost the need for the facility, Rushy(with the help of the TARDIS and Twilight Sparkle) transferred the functions of the Paradox Machine inside an advanced fob watch through which he could control his and Tim's timestream.

Using this device, he was able to erase the facility, Henry and the various alternate Rushy and Tim duos from existence.

Later, during the 7th Apocalypse, Rushy and Tim destroyed the fob-watch and released the paradox inside a center halo, thus saving the universe. However, with the paradox erased, the two became trapped inside a timeline rewind.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Paradox Machine was created by Russell T. Davies for the Doctor Who episodes "Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords".
  • The concept of an advanced fob watch was also created by Russell T. Davies for the Doctor Who episodes "Human Nature", "Family of Blood" and "Utopia".