Rushy is the co-founder of the Alterans of Gateworld group/RPG.

Rushy MuddEdit

Rushy was originally an Ancient Alteran(based on the Stargate franchise) who longed to explore. However, his past was rewritten after his original death to suit the needs of others. The 2nd universe forward Rushy Mudd is an "intergalactic hobo", living inside the starship Fiction. His origin is unknown, however, at some point, beings from beyond the multiverse noticed his talent for altering time and began producing clones of him to ravage time and space. After causing the first end of the universe via a Stargate malfunction, his DNA was kept intact inside a facility protected from universal collapse.

When finally another Big Bang occurred, the facility began producing him again.

Characters created/encorporated/playedEdit

Created the iconic character Rushy Mudd(whose name comes from an altered version of Rush from Stargate Universe and the last name of Harry Mudd from Star Trek: The Original Series), Randy Ischan and a few others.

His player characters are Rushy, Ischan and basically everyone else except Tim.

Running gags createdEdit

Introduced the center halos from the Farscape episode "The Locket" as a running gag in which the starship Fiction would get trapped inside the halo. Created the Special Energy Drink(SED) and its more infamous successor, Ultimate Energy Drink(UED).  Also started the running gag of artificial intelligence(computers, viruses) going megalomaniac or simply evil HAL 9000-style.

Play StyleEdit

Was originally more of a hindrance/villain to Tim, but nowadays is mostly on friendly terms. Consciously tries to give everyone a fair amount of room, but subconsciously prefers to be in control of things(though greatly enjoys surprises).