Technologies shown in most of the realities mostly come from known sci-fi sources such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and other various science fiction shows and movies.

Faster-Than-Light travelEdit

Most ships are equipped with hyperdrives based on the form from the Stargate series.

A small window is opened in space-time allowing the ship to "jump" into a dimension under ours, also known as subspace. Because this dimension doesn't follow the same physical laws as our own it allows for faster than light travel on a relative basis.

The reality in "Affairs of the Ancients" thread is different in that it's a "hard sci-fi" reality and as such cannot use traditional FTL methods. The FTL drive of this world is called, imaginitively and appropriatly enough, a Jump drive. It work by exploiting the Faster than lighter properties of theoratical particles known as Tachyons. It gathers them in a capacitor and charges for a FTL jump. The jump occurs when the charge is released in a controlled fashion, the resulting radiation burst acts as a slingshot, pushing the ship at a faster than light velocity. The range of the jump is determined by the charge held in the capacitor.


Most ships are eqquiped with shields of some sort or another. Wether they are plasma based or phased em shielding isn't really taken into consideration, with the exception of the Affairs of the Ancients reality.

Shields in this reality are somewhat different from the others in that they operate on a frequency modulated contained plasma field. The plasma is contained within a highly charged EM field, which is powered by a high output capacitor, and is discharged everytime the field takes an impact. Which also means that without constant input of power from the main power core, the shield would slowly drain at a constant rate while online, which also mean that the shield could remain active even without a feed from the core making it a semi-autonomous system.


The Weapons are fairly typical of what you would expect from any science fiction story, the affairs of the ancient rpg is no different.

Mass drivers, anti-matter torpedoes, plasma bursts, turbo-lasers and blah, blah, blah. you get the idea.


Sub-light engines are fairly typical. either Ion drives or Plasma based.


Sensors are either active or passive. Passive sensors just pick up on information actively available. Active sensors activally scan and determine information.

Obviously active sensors are short-range, and obviously passive sensors are long-range.

(Creators note: I'll add more as more info become available.)