The End Of Ponies is the name given to the tragic event in which the Scourge took over Equestria and mixed elements from its history with the realm. It was accidentally caused by Timey(Rushy's daughter) sending the Scourge into the future to try to save present-day Equestria.


Rushy's whole pony family(Rushy, Rainbow Dash and Timey) have separately visited the End Of Ponies. All describe it as a vastly traumatic.

After the Scourge's attack on present-day Equestria, the ponies teamed up with their parallel selves(who never returned to the pony dimension and continued their space travels) to venture into the End Of Ponies and stop the Scourge. They created a time rip and almost reversed time, but the Scourge managed to bleed into the entire multiverse as a result.