The starship Fiction is the residence of Rushy Mudd and Tim and the setting of Alterans of Gateworld.


The ship made its debut in August 9th, 2011, but remained unnamed until August 18th. The Fiction has remained an iconic part of the series to this date and though other versions have occasionally appeared(Fiction-A, the Pugnus), the original ship endures.


The Fiction's appereance has never been properly decided on, though in its debut, it was described as being gigantic in size, possessing two cannons, but having no shield technology(later retconned). The Fiction has several different FTL drives such as a hyperdrive(a la Star Wars), a warp drive(a la Star Trek) and even a wormhole drive(a la Stargate: Atlantis). The ship has at least one docking bay containing the Titan and the Keitch shuttle. At least one holodeck also exists on the ship and has been used to create holographic represenations of various AI. There is also a bridge, a conference lounge and several unnamed laboratories dedicated to scientific research.