The Titan Shuttle is the personal Shuttle of Tim.

It is equipped with a Hyperdrive (Stargate-style), Shields, Drone weapons (Stargate-style), an advanced micro warpcore that was designed, built and installed by Tim, long range sensors and an emergency warp drive for either short range travel or if the hyperdrive is off-line. It is also equipped with a single stasis chamber, though it has never been used or mentioned.


Tim acquired the Titan shuttle after hijacking it from an Ancient shipyard/research facility. It is the prototype of its class and the only one of its kind in existence.

It has been used various times in the series, mainly as a short range shuttle. After the third battle for Earth, Third in universe but first they were involved in, Tim and Jim assumed the Fiction was destroyed and took up jobs as mercenarys working for the Earth "Starfleet". They were allowed to use the Titan due to it's heavy armor, shields and weapons. (Even though it's a shuttle, it could easily overpower heavy battlecruisers).

Current StatusEdit

After multiple instances of heavy damage and repair, it is currently sitting in the shuttle bay of the Fiction, waiting for someone to remember that it exists.