Timstro59 is the founder and creator of the Alterans of Gateworld group/RPG.

Characters created/encorperated/playedEdit

He created most of the character portrayed in the RPG including more than half of the NPCs involved. NPCs created include Jim, Andrew and James(who has been forgotten about and abandoned). His player Characters are Tim, Jim(sometimes) and Andrew(rarely)

Play stylesEdit

Prefers to play the good guy, but occasionally pushes his main character towards "The Dark Side". When playing as the GM of a reality, he generally tries to play along to a story arc, provided the story doesn't get driven off the rails, these stories generally end up being epics in nature.

Name originEdit

His name comes from that he is the 59th in a series of failed clone experiments and was let go after he helped to eridicate the others during their attempted takeover of the clone facility.